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Valuation Services offered by GSM in India

Organizations are required to value their traditional assets, intellectual property, technology, and other assets transparently today. However, most businesses find the process of assessing critical and complex. With experience in valuations, GSM's team of advisors understands the needs of organizations.

Our goal is to provide our clients with an integrated valuation service that is based on internationally accepted valuation methods. By providing strategic plans for effective solutions, we assist you with valuations for acquisitions and dispositions, mergers, planning and compliance, financial reporting, tax planning, reorganization, bankruptcy, dispute and litigation resolution, etc. Our business valuation services combine quality-oriented, innovative solutions aligned with your business objectives with customized, quality-oriented services.

Valuation Services Offered By GSM

  • Valuation for Merger and Acquisitions: Business or equity valuation, swap ratios, fairness opinion
  • Valuation of Complex Securities (CCDs /OCDs)
  • Financial Reporting Valuations: Impairment testing/purchase price allocation
  • Valuation of Real Estate
  • Valuation of Fixed Assets and Machineries
  • Project Financing Valuations
  •  Grant of stock options
  •  Valuation for perquisite purpose
  •  Black Scholes Option
  •  Sweat Equity
  • Intellectual Property
  •  Royalty examinations
  •  Rights valuations
  •  Goodwill / asset impairment testing
  •  Brand valuation
  •  IPR valuation
  •  Pre-execution contract review
  • Inward / outward foreign remittance (RBI valuations)
  • Portfolio valuations including as required by Alternative Investment Funds
  • Valuation for Regulatory Purposes (RBI, FEMA, Tax, Companies Act, Transfer Pricing)
  • Merchant Banker Certificates for SEBI/FEMA/Income Tax

How our Valuation Service works

The valuation assessment process is divided into three sections

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The valuation procedures we use are aligned with global best practices. A 360-degree view of valuation requirements is taken into account as part of our valuation process.

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